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Zen Go Synergy Core  

Released: (02.06.2021) 


Zen Go Synergy Core FW 1.55 / Bundle 2.3.2: 

New in Version 1.55: 


- AuraVerb can be now used as insert from the Synergy Core FX Library.  

Improvements & Fixes in Version 1.55: 

- Fixed Playback doesn't resume correctly when plugging and unplugging the device (macOS) 

Updated Internal preset manager to report and store FX settings correctly  

- Resolved Critical Error Message when loading older sessions or files on new firmware builds and the FX libraries. 


Updated the default settings values on the vintage compressors

Fixed the bug in guitar amps and cabinets which defaults the settings after the device gets restarted.  

- Improved stability & performance of core system components  


Additional information: 

  • Please, make sure to back up and save your setting before the update!     

  • The update will not erase any settings from your device. 

  • If you experience any performance related issues, perform a factory reset from the device hardware ones the update is completed. This operation will reset the device settings to the factory defaults and will clear the internal memory if there are any mismatch settings.

  • Unplug the USB cable  

  • Hold down [Gain + Hp/Mon] buttons 

  • Plug the USB cable again and release the buttons. 


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