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Alongside the product you are returning please, include a letter containing your full name, shipping address, RMA number issued by our technical support team and a note with a short information about the technical issue.


Please use the original box if possible, because a worn out one will surely not protect your product sufficiently on its way to the Antelope AudioHQAddadditional cushioning materials in multiple layers between the unit and the box walls to prevent from shock, vibration and various tears and scratches. We advice using:

Please remove any labels or old shipment markings it may have and ensure you add your shipping address inside the box in case the original shipment label becomes illegible during transportation.


The shipping costs are covered by the owner of the product. Antelope Audio will not cover any local customs charges.

Shipping providers

We recommend using a courier service of your choice (e.g. DHL,UPS,FedEx). The package should be insured for it sreal value, marked as fragile and a tracking number should be provided. We do not recommend using standard mail delivery services.

Please,don't forget to add the RMA number,issued by the Antelope Audio technical support,on all shipping paperwork.

Lost or damaged shipments

Antelope Audio cannot be held responsible for undelivered packages– lost or damaged on the way to the Antelope Audio HQ. For damage claims please, contact your shipping service provider of choice.

Damaged shipments – repair costs

Antelope Audio cannot cover any repair costs for product damages due to poor packaging. 

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