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If you are unable to open the Control Panel from the Antelope launcher (Launch Control Panel is not responding) please perform the following:

Make sure you are using the latest Antelope Launcher. Disable any antivirus software you might have running and your firewall (at least while troubleshooting).

Save all your settings and presets in the control panel before proceeding to the steps below.

For OS X users:

Close the Antelope Launcher.
Reveal your hidden files and folders ( if you are not able to do so, please download the dongle which is included in this article).

Navigate to your main system drive > Users > Shared.

Delete the .AntelopeAudio folder and start the launcher again, it will prompt you to re download the control panel.

For Windows users:

Close the Antelope Launcher.

Navigate to your Local Disc C > Users > Public > .Antelopeaudio

Go to the device folder and delete all folders except for the driver folder.

Open the Antelope Launcher and update your bundle.


If you still need assistance, please contact support.


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