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Orion Studio Synergy Core 

Released: (12.22.2020)


New in Control Panel Version 2.2.13 / Bundle 2.2.19:

ОSCP: Added support for V12 Chorus - Multi-voice stereo chorus 

- OSCP: Added support for BBD Chorus - Stereo chorus ensemble


Known Issues in 2.2.13:



Orion Studio Synergy Core FW 2.94 / Bundle 2.2.19:


New in Version 2.94:

- OSFW: Added support for V12 Chorus – Multi-voice stereo chorus 

- OSFW: Added support for BBD Chorus - Stereo chorus ensemble


Improvements & Fixes in Version 2.94:

- OSFW: Improved DSP stability & behavior in some scenarios.

- OSSC : Updated Instinct Synergy – Drive default ratio is changed 

- OSSC : Updated Filtek Mk3 – More responsive UI when adjusting the parameters

- OSSC : Updated Memory Cat Brigade – Blend settings set to  50 %  

- OSSC : Updated Opto 2A – set new default gain stage parameters 




Known Issues in 2.94:




Orion Studio Synergy Core ASIO Driver 4.86 / Bundle 2.2.19: 

New in Version : 4.86.

-OSAD: Added Multichannel WDM Support that improves Windows playback experience. – 


Additional information:

  • Please, make sure to backup and save your setting before the update!    
  • The update will not erase any settings from your device.

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