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Zen Tour Synergy Core 

Released: (07.04.2021)


Zen Tour Synergy Core FW 1.60 / Bundle 2.5.3:

New in Version 1.60:


- Added support for Diode609 – Class-A Compressor/Limiter 

- Added support for NEU473A – VCA Compressor / Limiter


Improvements & Fixes in Version 1.60:

- Increased instance amount count for the stereo based synergy core FX 

Auto-Tune Synergy, Comp-4К-Bus, BBD-ChorusV12-Chorus  


Zen Tour Synergy Core Control Panel 2.0.20 / Bundle 2.5.3:

New in Version 2.0.20:


- Added support for Diode609 – Class-A Stereo Compressor/Limiter

- Added support for NEU473A – VCA Compressor / Limiter

Additional information:

  • Please, make sure to back up and save your setting before the update!    
  • The update will not erase any settings from your device.
  • Perform a factory reset from the device hardware ones the update is completed if you experience any performance related issues
  • Click “Menu” on the device touchscreen
  • Scroll down
  • Locate “Factory Reset”
  • Press on it and confirm the command
  • In case you get a "Critical Error Failure C" on your device's monitor after the update, you will need to do a hard factory reset on the device. In some cases this could be cause by a preset incompatibility. To do a hard factory reset please press and hold the Gain button and the Volume Knob together and while holding them down unplug and plug back the power cable.

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