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Windows USB ASIO Driver Update – Version 5.01: 

Released: (11.05.2021) 


New in Version 5.01: 


Added up to 4 stereo devices for Windows Audio, instead of one multi-channel device 

  • Improves compatibility with non-ASIO clients such as OBS, Spotify & web & streaming applications. 


Added option to open the ASIO control app from the DAW  

  • Using the dedicated buttons on each DAW 


Improvements & Fixes in Version 5.01: 

Improved digital latency reporting from the interface host. 

Improved stability & performance in some scenarios 


Additional information: 

Interface Compatibility List: 


Zen Go Synergy Core 

Zen Tour Synergy Core  

Discrete 4 Synergy Core 

Orion Studio Synergy Core 

Discrete 4 Synergy Core 

Discrete 8 Synergy Core  
Edge Go Synergy Core 

Axino Synergy Core 

Goliath HD | Gen 3, 

Orion 32+ | Gen 3 

Orion 32HD | Gen 3 


Orion 32, 
Orion 32+ 
Orion 32HD 
Orion Studio 2015  
Orion Studio 2017  
Orion Studio HD 
Zen Studio 
Zen Studio+  
Zen Tour  
Goliath HD  
Discrete 4  
Discrete 8  

Please, make sure to back up and save your setting before the update! 

Please update your Antelope Launcher if you have not done so already 

You must have the latest Antelope Audio Launcher to be able to access the latest driver updates. Version 2.5.4


Installation Instructions: 

  • Open the Antelope Audio Launcher  

  • Go to your interface Bundle” menu
    Select the latest software "Bundle” for your device from the drop-down list. 
    The latest version is always on top 

  • Once the bundle version has been selected, click on the “Update” button 

  • Confirm the onscreen dialog box by pressing “Continue"
    Follow the wizard installation instructions to complete the process
    If prompted, please restart your computer, and start the update process again from the launcher. 



The installer will remove the old driver first before the new driver gets downloaded and installed. 

This is done automatically from the Antelope Audio Launcher.


Please make sure to set your launcher update flags to “If newer” from the Advanced menu on the Antelope Launcher. Otherwise, the update may not be installed correctly.


In cases of the installation failure, you may access the driver from the following link:

The driver can be installed manually using the standard install procedure from your Windows OS:

    Go to: Add or Remove Programs on your Windows

Locate your old driver version -  e,g Antelope Audio D4 SC USB Audio Driver version 4.86

Remove it by clicking on 'Uninstall' button

Install the new driver for your interface from the folder

Restart your computer

Users of Orion 32 and Zen Studio, should install the driver manually from the installer files.

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